"TipTap" The End of Traditional Business Cards and the Future of Sharing

It's well known that rapid advancements in information technology have completely transformed the business communications scenario over the past two decades. It all started with using the email system to communicate with your clients, and now with everything digitized, the internet has created some incredible opportunities.

Many business owners choose to print business cards for better promotion of their business and expand their advertisement. It is one of the older but most widely acclaimed innovations in business communication to date. 

But are traditional business cards still relevant? Are conventional business cards getting obsoleted? If yes, then what is replacing it?

Well, business cards still do the trick, but now it is the "DIGITAL BUSINESS CARDS" that deliver the goods, and TipTap Co. is all over it!

A new digital business card has been introduced to let business owners gain some high advantages to communicate with their colleagues.

To find out how to get your digital business card game right, read on!

Why are Traditional Business Cards Getting Obsoleted?

In the middle of so many different networking options, such as Facebook and Instagram, it has become easy for business owners to connect with other people. This is all done through the use of these mobile platforms.

But in this scenario, the question is are business cards are still relevant to present a business professionally! Could business cards become obsolete?

Yes, thats right! Business Cards are 100% becoming Obsolete.

As mobile technology has been advancing, carrying physical business cards and selling them at a vast level has become so much more challenging because of innovations like TipTap.

One central element of any business is to stay updated. To fulfill this need, a business owner gradually looks for a digital presence. LinkedIn has made itself a standardized and professional platform for networking and business representation, however the user still has to search for a person in order to connect with them. 

Where TipTap shines, is that the user can have their own customized profile with all their important business information, and share it with anyone they meet with a simple tap. This eliminates having to search for anyones name or having to ask the person how to spell their sometimes complicated last name. 

Physical cards can also be at the risk of getting damaged or lost as compared to TipTap, which is waterproof and built to last. 

Many business card owners might not be aware of what TipTap's digital business card is all about. So check out this guide below, and let's have a short discussion about it.

Introducing TipTap Digital Business Cards

TipTap is changing the way entrepreneurs are exchanging information. By simply placing a TipTap on the back of your phone, or on a desk, you wont ever have the need for a paper business card again. Hence they are created to enhance the experience of making a great first impression with a future client.


Now there are different applications that you can use to create a digital business card profile, however the perfect platform is TipTap.Co

Anyone can instantly share their TipTap digital business card with clients during meetings as a formal introduction of what the business is with just one tap. In seconds, anyone's clients will receive all of the business information without them having to search for it, or download any special apps. This is achieved by the revolutionary technology inside of TipTap that allows business to client communication with ease. 

The primary purpose of  TipTap is to let a future client know about a company or a service on the spot. If a TipTap user is meeting a client for the first time, they can simply tell them to place their phone over the TipTap to transfer any follow-up information.

Not only that, TipTap lets their users share their LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any of the other 15 different link options inside of their free platform.

Benefits of TipTap for Any Business

Inside the new digital age, TipTap Co. is bringing some incredible innovation into business networking. Since it's launch earlier this year, TipTap has evolved to be a powerful business communications tool and a refreshing new way to share anything with prospects. 


Let's discuss a few important benefits of TipTap for any business: 

1.TipTap is Easy to Share!

TipTap users have complete freedom to share their TipTap profile for FREE with as many customers and people as they want, without having to worry about ever running out. 

There is no need to briefly explain to a client on how to find a specific business online, or ask someone to search for the "business name" on social media. Just by tapping both phones together, TipTap will do the rest. TipTap will transfer the business contact info or social profile in a blink of an eye.

 2. TipTap will impress future Clients

As everyone is not availing digital business cards, it would be imposing for the client to know how updated a business really is. One can include contact details, brand logo, company name, and so much more. Plus, users can also add services or information on a particular skill to their profile.


3. TipTap makes updating Simple

Another primary reason to use TipTap's digital business card has been its high convenience for business owners in terms of updating. Through the use of the TipTap app, users get complete control of where it goes and how it looks. 

TipTap digital business card will let users update their business information on the go through their app in real time. This way users don't need to reprint bundle of cards anymore, eliminating that expense every year.


4. TipTap saves the people Automatically!

TipTap automatically keeps a history of everyone that is tapped! Met someone last weekend at a convention? Access their TipTap profile whenever right on the people page inside the app, and never lose another connection again. 


5. TipTap is here to stay

If anyone thinks that digital business cards are merely used for branding purposes, then most people are not informed about their unique power. They do play an important role in leaving a lasting impression on a client, however TipTap is a game changer.

Before a user plans to edit their TipTap profile, they must be sure all of the business links are edited correctly to leave a positive image in the client's mind. A smooth experience is essential for steady growth. Small details like this can make a brand stand out in the saturated world of business.

Make sharing simple with TipTap

Sharing has become so simple, that it truly just takes one tap with TipTap! This fantastic smart tag will allow anyone to transfer business information, social media profiles and a number of other things in order to make life easier. All compatible Android and iPhone models will work with TipTap seamlessly. Check out all of the compatible devices here

Even if a mobile phone does not have an NFC reader, TipTap lets users create their own personal link to store all of their business information, which they can then use for promotional purposes if they choose to. 

To download this app on iPhone or Android, just click on the phone type and follow the instructions. Anyone can order a TipTap right from the app and it will be delivered right at their door.  

The Last Word!

To sum up the whole discussion, it can be said that, yes, digital business cards play an essential role in giving businesses a high prominence in the market. 

To get a perfect digital business card, make sure to choose a company that genuinely knows a business card's value, like TipTap Co. If anyone is looking to expand their social and business circle, then get their premium digital business cards now, and tap in!

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